3 Tips for Improving your WordPress Website



WordPress is a popular blogging platform that allows users to create their own blog or website, under a domain name and design and customise it to suit their brand. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a website or blog and allows content creators to showcase their writing, photos, art and more.

Choose the Right Domain Name

Whether your WordPress Website is a personal blog, future business or company website, the domain name has to be professional, short, marketable and memorable. A catchy, short domain name is going to be visited a lot more than a long and confusing one. It is useful to have your company name or keyword in the domain name, this helps customers identify the website to the brand. Using the right keywords also improves the search engine optimization. For example, it is obvious that ‘Easy Slots’ is related to online casinos and gambling games. By using a name that is recognisable and relatable to the brand, it is easy for customers to remember and search for it again.


Themes are Very Important

The theme of your WordPress blog or website is very important. The template style, colours and layout need to be similar to the type of brand and content you are showcasing. The bonus of using WordPress is that there are a large variety of pre-set themes where you can easily distinguish the type of blog this would work for. A great tip is to use the search bar available where you can type keywords and filter specific themes you are looking for. This allows you to try and find the perfect theme for your blog or website. There are a lot of themes available for free and the rest can be bought for a small fee. The theme is very important for the readers of your blog, it needs to be readable and match well with the style of brand.

Remember, a theme is never set in stone, users can change the theme of their blog as many times as they desire. Changing the theme won’t delete any content or pages but simply rearranges the content to fit the theme.

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Plugins are great

Plugins are added to WordPress blogs and websites to add extensions to the features that WordPress already provides. This improves the already built in functions and can expand your blog or website in more directions. There is a wide range of plugins available (around 25,000) including online store, photo galleries and a contact form. It is important you do further reading around plugins to ensure you choose the right plugins for your website. They are easy to install, with just a simple click, you can have several plugins to help improve your site without having to build the features yourself.

These are just a few tips and features that will put you in the right direction when you decide to create a WordPress website or blog. read more…


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