Coconut, the Tree of a Thousand Uses!


Just the word Coconut conjures up tropical thoughts. It has been called “the tree of a thousand uses”. The coconut palm yields up to 75 fruits per year. Nearly all parts of the palm are useful and it has significant economic value.
The flower is used in weddings, the husks are used in soil to help produce healthy trees and are also made into charcoal. Coir is the fiber from the husks of the coconut. This is used in making ropes, doormats, brushes, sacks, caulking boats and as stuffing fibers for mattresses.
The shells are made into bowls and utensils and crafts like buttons and soap dishes. They are used in theatre to make sound effects of horse’s hoof beats, and as musical instruments.

The dried meat of the seed is processed into low grade oil to make soaps.
There is much chatter in western society that has given coconut oil a bad name and many are under the impression that this oil contains unhealthy saturated fats and therefore creates clogged arteries and heart problems. Research shows the truth is that the saturated fat from coconut oil acts differently than the saturated fat from animal sources. Studies published in a dozen of the most respected scientific and medical journals have come to the amazing conclusion that coconut oil in it virgin form (unrefined) and cold pressed is a remarkable health food.

It is the one oil that will help to protect you from heart disease, cancer and other degenerative conditions. It will improve digestion, strengthen your immune system, protect you from infectious illnesses, and help you to lose excess weight.
Thailand’s cuisine is rich in saturated fat from coconut oil and in a recent study done by the World Health Organization, Thailand was at the bottom of the list of 50 countries studied for Cancer related deaths.

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Koh Samui produces virgin coconut oil. The virgin coconut oil is used in detoxify programs where it is taken by mouth and also used topically on the skin.
The cavity is filled with coconut water, which is sterile when opened and mixes easily with blood. It was actually used for emergency transfusions during World War 2. This water is filled with good vitamins and minerals and provides an electrolyte balance. It is used in sports drinks. It is the nearest thing to breast milk and can be given to puppies and kittens.
The most commonly known use for coconut is in the culinary field. The nut provides oil for cooking or for making margarine. The white fleshy part of the seed, the coconut meat, is edible and used fresh or dried in cooking. This can also be ground down to produce coconut milk for curries and soups.

Sounds like we should all “put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up”
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